The Story

Alice & the Monster is a dark romantic comedy for the web. It centers around Alice Hughes, whose life is going great - success in her job, great friends, a new romance - when she's blindsided by a diagnosis of cancer. She's faced with a decision: play out the wonderful things happening in her life in what short time she has left, or undergo a dangerous treatment and long rehab, and risk losing everything she's gained for a slim chance at longer life.

Alice & the Monster mixes drama, romance and humor as Alice struggles to make this monumental decision amid the reactions her cancer elicits from the people around her.

Production will run from spring through summer 2012, with a tentative release scheduled for later in the year.

The Cast

Alice: Shannon Nelson
Bonnie: Abigail Marlowe
George: Anthony Geary
David: David Nett
Mike: David H. Lawrence XVII
Dr. Richmond: Lilas Lane
Jake: Sean McGowan
Andrew: Eugene Byrd
Grant: James Lane
Paul: Nathan Mobley
Posh Girls: Paula Rhodes & Casey McKinnon
Waitress: Sarah Orr
Maria: Sara Stuckey
Sarah: Courtney Peterson
Bill: Andrew Seely
Cocktail Waitress: Caity Salvatore

The Creators

Created by: Andrew R. Deutsch
Written by: Andrew R. Deutsch, David Nett & Rick Robinson
Directed by: Frederick Snyder & Rick Robinson
Produced by: David Nett, Janelle Eagle, Patty Ramsey Producers: David Nett, Andrew R. Deutsch, Shannon Nelson, Frederick Snyder, Rick Robinson Marla Deutsch, & Lilas Lane


About A&M

The Road to Here

How You Can Help

Alice & the Monster is a new web series coming soon from the creators of GOLD & Night of the Zombie King. Follow us at @AliceandMonster and