• “It's like the second season of 'Sons of Anarchy' for gamers!”
    Quilt City O.G.R.E.s
  • “...one of the best-acted web series I've come across.”
  • “I have another favorite web series to put beside The Guild and Dr. Horrible.”
    Grumbling Dwarf
  • “GOLD is good enough to be on TV, right now. It deserves (nay, demands!) to be syndicated.”
    Greywulf's Lair
  • “GOLD is a hilarious show dedicated to the hobby, and all gamers should check it out.”
    RPG Labyrinth
  • “...it's funny because it's oh-so-painfully true.”
    the Escapist
  • “...there's an impressively (dare I say it) Altman-esque atmosphere of casual and fresh conversation. And it works...”
  • “You don't have to be a gamer to appreciate GOLD...”
  • “Kudos to the GOLD guys for producing something that really stands out.”
    Gnome Stew
  • “GOLD is one of the few shows that can tell a niche story to a wide audience.”
  • “Clearly a labor of love, well designed, excellently produced, and fantastically written.”
    Blogging the Ennies
  • “It's something like mixing The Gamers with Sports Night.”
GOLD: the web series that does double damage
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Current Episode

NOTZK - Episode 6: The Awakening
Jaz and Brian team up to take on Darkmoon while Hicks and Danny nurse their injured characters. As morning approaches, Martin makes a critical decision to keep the group together. [WATCH]

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Happy Holidays from the GOLD Crew!

December 22, 2010 | David

This year has gone by so fast!

It’s been a big one for GOLD: a Streamy Award nomination for Best Ensemble, an official selection of the ITVFest (after being a 2009 official selection at the NYTVF), screenings at Dragon*Con, winning the Parsec Award for Best Video Story, and now the release of Night of the Zombie King.

We hope you’ve had as great a year as we have. Now, grab a hot chocolate, snuggle up on your couch, and let us entertain you as the year comes to a close:

Night of the Zombie King Epsiode 2
Watch NOTZK Episode 2: When Black Roses Bloom
In Episode 2, the game gets underway. The old friends fall into familiar patterns, Martin’s adventure tests the players’ skills, tension emerges between Jaz and Brian, Hicks exhibits his old-school roleplaying chops, and Jaz attempts to re-connect with Danny.

Watch When Black Roses Bloom now at www.notzk.com

Even with XMas rapidly approaching, reviews have started to come in for Night of the Zombie King. NewTeeVee said, ”The level of authenticity brought to the series is profound...” and Tubefilter says it is a ”a compelling story of friends reunited” with a ”standout performance from Maxwell Glick.”

We’ll keep you posted as more blogs and magazines pick up the story. If you write about NOTZK on your blog or elsewhere, make sure to let us know at goldtheseries@gmail.com so we can spread the word!

Behind the Scenes on the GOLD Blog
As NOTZK is released, we’ll be posting lots of stories about the making of the series on the GOLD blog. Here are some recent highlights:

Keep checking back for more great stuff from the creators and actors in coming weeks!

Last Minute XMas Gifts: the Music of GOLD
So, you’re scrambling for last minute gifts for friends and family? Well, thanks to the magic of iTunes (and other online music services), there’s still plenty of time to get incredible Jacob Carvermusic from artists featured in GOLD and Night of the Zombie King. These amazing artists are among our favorites, and have given generously of their talent to make GOLD a richer experience. Their beautiful work will make great gifts for those you love:

Jacob Carver
Jake’s an astonishing singer/songwriter living in Seattle, whose music is featured throughout GOLD Season 1 and in the NOTZK trailer. His heartbreaking anthem, “All We Were Asking,” from the album “Done Gone” is the title theme from GOLD Season 1. Get his music here.The Monolators

The Monolators
The Monolators are a much-lauded indie band out of Los Angeles, uniformly praised for their crisp, lo-fi sound. Their bright, catchy “Silver Cities,” from the new EP of the same name, is the end titles song for NOTZK Episode 1.  Get their music here.

The Monolators
Andrew Rose Gregory
While perhaps best known for his work with his brothers and sister-in-law (The Gregory Brothers) in the wildly popular AutoTune the News, Andrew has released several albums of hauntingly beautiful solo work. His lovely “When We Closed Our Eyes” from “The Lost Year” soars over the end titles of NOTZK Episode 2. Get his music here.

For breaking news about GOLD: Night of the Zombie King, keep your eye on the website (www.goldtheseries.com), our facebook page (www.facebook.com/goldtheseries) and follow us on twitter (@GoldtheSeries).

Thanks for supporting GOLD and indieTV. Happy Holidays. We’ll see you kobolds later.

David Nett
Creator, GOLD

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