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  • “GOLD is good enough to be on TV, right now. It deserves (nay, demands!) to be syndicated.”
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    the Escapist
  • “...there's an impressively (dare I say it) Altman-esque atmosphere of casual and fresh conversation. And it works...”
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  • “Kudos to the GOLD guys for producing something that really stands out.”
    Gnome Stew
  • “GOLD is one of the few shows that can tell a niche story to a wide audience.”
  • “Clearly a labor of love, well designed, excellently produced, and fantastically written.”
    Blogging the Ennies
  • “It's something like mixing The Gamers with Sports Night.”
GOLD: the web series that does double damage
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NOTZK - Episode 6: The Awakening
Jaz and Brian team up to take on Darkmoon while Hicks and Danny nurse their injured characters. As morning approaches, Martin makes a critical decision to keep the group together. [WATCH]

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Night of the Zombie King launches December 14, 2010!

December 05, 2010 | David

A week or so ago we promised you an announcement soon. Well, here we go:

For the last year or so, I’ve been working really hard with my friends and creative partners to figure out a way to finish the first GOLD story. The first half of that first story is what we now call GOLD Season 1. The story resolves in GOLD Season 2. Because of the nature of the second half of that story, and the cost of telling it, we’ve been searching for a partner or two to help us make it. We haven’t yet succeeded in that, to my great sadness. Yet, anyway.

But there are many more stories to tell in the GOLD universe. While we continue our quest for Season 2, my friends and I found a story we could tell on our own. We call that story ”Night of the Zombie King,” and tonight I’m proud to announce that NOTZK will premiere on Tuesday, December 14, right here on this site, with new episodes weekly.

Night of the Zombie King is one of the first of what we hope will be many “companion adventures” in the GOLD universe. It’s a self-contained six episode miniseries that centers around Jaz, the leader of the Dangerous Gamers in GOLD Episode 4: Labyrinth of Madness:

After his team fails to qualify for the world RPG Championships, disillusioned captain Jamison “Jaz” Colier travels home to relive the glory days with his old friends for one nostalgic night of gaming. But when he arrives, he finds the ruins of the life he ran away from more than 15 years ago still need to be repaired before he can find peace, in his life and in the game.

NOTZK is written by me, Rick Robinson & Andrew R. Deutsch and directed by me, Rick Robinson & Frederick Snyder. It stars James Ellis Lane, Jonathan Nail, Maxwell Glick, Stephanie Thorpe and Brian Majestic.

Stay tuned for lots of great behind-the-scenes blogs, downloadables, gallery images and much more as we march toward release in a little more than a week. To start, we’ve two great gifts for you:

At the bottom of this post, take a gander at the three amazing Night of the Zombie King posters created by NOTZK writer and cinematographer Andrew R. Deutsch. They’re sexy as all heck.

We’re running Facebook and Twitter contests from now until 11:59PM PST on Tuesday, December 14 (launch day). Four fans will win a GOLD prize pack: a signed GOLD Poster, signed GOLD DVD, signed Night of the Zombie King poster, and a handful of GOLD/NOTZK buttons.

To win, visit GOLD facebook page (www.facebook.com/goldtheseries), “like” the page and leave a comment on the NOTZK Contest wall post. Or, follow GOLD on twitter (www.twitter.com/goldtheseries) and tweet the message: “I want to win the @GOLDTheSeries:NOTZK Prize Pack! http://bit.ly/hJmo52”

On December 15th or 16th, we’ll randomly pick two winners from Facebook and two from Twitter. Anyone may enter one time per day on both Twitter and Facebook (additional enteries per day are encouraged, but won’t increase your chances of winning ;-). Good luck!

All right. That’s it for tonight. Enjoy the posters, and we’ll talk more soon.

-David Nett
Creator, GOLD

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