• “It's like the second season of 'Sons of Anarchy' for gamers!”
    Quilt City O.G.R.E.s
  • “...one of the best-acted web series I've come across.”
  • “I have another favorite web series to put beside The Guild and Dr. Horrible.”
    Grumbling Dwarf
  • “GOLD is good enough to be on TV, right now. It deserves (nay, demands!) to be syndicated.”
    Greywulf's Lair
  • “GOLD is a hilarious show dedicated to the hobby, and all gamers should check it out.”
    RPG Labyrinth
  • “...it's funny because it's oh-so-painfully true.”
    the Escapist
  • “...there's an impressively (dare I say it) Altman-esque atmosphere of casual and fresh conversation. And it works...”
  • “You don't have to be a gamer to appreciate GOLD...”
  • “Kudos to the GOLD guys for producing something that really stands out.”
    Gnome Stew
  • “GOLD is one of the few shows that can tell a niche story to a wide audience.”
  • “Clearly a labor of love, well designed, excellently produced, and fantastically written.”
    Blogging the Ennies
  • “It's something like mixing The Gamers with Sports Night.”
GOLD: the web series that does double damage
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NOTZK - Episode 6: The Awakening
Jaz and Brian team up to take on Darkmoon while Hicks and Danny nurse their injured characters. As morning approaches, Martin makes a critical decision to keep the group together. [WATCH]

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The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming

March 23, 2011 | David

we're so excited to announce the newest expansion to the GOLD universe:

In 2008/2009, we released the first season of GOLD, the Series. In 2009 we also released the GOLD Collectible Card Game, featuring the characters from GOLD. In early 2010 we released Season 1 of GOLD on DVD, and followed in the winter of 2010/2011 with the dramatic miniseries Night of the Zombie King.  Now, we’re proud to announce The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming:

The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming is a collection of gaming essays by roleplaying gamers from all corners of the industry, including such RPG luminaries as Keith Baker, Monte Cook and Ed Greenwood, as well as dedicated players from unexpected places, such as Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, veteran actor/voice artist Matthew Mercer, and independent filmmaker Ben Dobyns. The book will also feature essays from some of the fictional characters that populate GOLD and Night of the Zombie King, including maverick player Richard Wright and former American team captain Jonathan Drake. It will feature a wide variety of essays about roleplaying gaming, including tips to make the most of the hobby, advice on becoming a better player/game master, thoughts on how RPG skills may contribute to other parts of a player’s life, and adventure seeds for use in a variety of games. The book will contain both humorous and thoughtful essays, which span a wide variety of genres and game types, including traditional tabletop games, LARPs, CCGs and miniature games.

Contributors to The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming include:

  • Keith Baker (RPG designer, creator of Eberron)
  • Mike Bourke (RPG designer, RolePlaying Tips)
  • Jennifer Brozek (RPG designer)
  • Monte Cook (RPG Designer, Dungeons & Dragons 3.0)
  • Ryan Costello Jr (RPG writer, 3.5 Private Sanctuary)
  • Liz Courts (RPG designer)
  • Ben Dobyns (filmmaker, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, JourneyQuest)
  • Justin Farrington (RPG Writer)
  • Ed Greenwood (RPG designer, creator of The Forgotten Realms)
  • Jeff Greiner (RPG podcaster, The Tome Show)
  • Ed Healy (RPG writer, marketer & broadcaster, Gamerati)
  • Tracy Hurley (RPG writer, Sarah Darkmagic)
  • Chris Hussey (RPG podcaster, Fear the Boot)
  • Patrick Kapera (RPG designer, Spycraft)
  • Chris Kluwe (punter, Minnesota Vikings)
  • CthulhuBob Lovely (RPG writer, MisCon convention organizer)
  • Philippe-Antoine Menard (RPG writer, Critical Hits)
  • Matthew Mercer (actor/writer, There Will Be Brawl, Thundercats)
  • David Nett (actor/writer, GOLD, Night of the Zombie King)
  • Jay Peters (RPG writer, ENnie Awards judge)
  • Scott Readicker (RPG writer, Sandbaggers’ Game Club)
  • Rick Robinson (writer/actor, GOLD, Night of the Zombie King)
  • CJ Ruby (RPG writer, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming)
  • Steve Russell (RPG designer, Rite Publishing)
  • Greg Schneider (RPG writer, Black Shield Gaming)
  • The Secret DM (mystery RPG writer)
  • Connie Thomson (RPG writer, Geeks Dream Girl)
  • Jason Vey (RPG writer, Palladium Books)
  • Jared von Hindman (artist/writer/humorist, Dragon Magazine)
  • Don Walsh (writer, LARPer, NERO)
  • Patricia Willenborg (RPG writer, Chicks with Dice)

The GOLD Guide to Competitive Gaming will be released from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming in November 2011, as a trade-sized paperback and PDF/ebook. A limited edition hardcover will also be released. Visit 4windsfantasygaming.com and goldtheseries.com for news and updates.

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