• “It's like the second season of 'Sons of Anarchy' for gamers!”
    Quilt City O.G.R.E.s
  • “...one of the best-acted web series I've come across.”
  • “I have another favorite web series to put beside The Guild and Dr. Horrible.”
    Grumbling Dwarf
  • “GOLD is good enough to be on TV, right now. It deserves (nay, demands!) to be syndicated.”
    Greywulf's Lair
  • “GOLD is a hilarious show dedicated to the hobby, and all gamers should check it out.”
    RPG Labyrinth
  • “...it's funny because it's oh-so-painfully true.”
    the Escapist
  • “...there's an impressively (dare I say it) Altman-esque atmosphere of casual and fresh conversation. And it works...”
  • “You don't have to be a gamer to appreciate GOLD...”
  • “Kudos to the GOLD guys for producing something that really stands out.”
    Gnome Stew
  • “GOLD is one of the few shows that can tell a niche story to a wide audience.”
  • “Clearly a labor of love, well designed, excellently produced, and fantastically written.”
    Blogging the Ennies
  • “It's something like mixing The Gamers with Sports Night.”
GOLD: the web series that does double damage
GOLD contains strong language and may not be suitable for all audiences.
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if video does not load above, you can view it at the source at http://vimeo.com/3287098.
February 26, 2009

GOLD: Episode 3 - Heart of the Enemy

Faced with the prospect of battling a reconfigured American team, Oliver Crane launches his British team into a new training program, creating a rift between himself and his lieutenant, Martha. Meanwhile, Jon presses Tim for information about his old team's training, and Richard forces Sam to choose a character class for the tournament.

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written by: David Nett
directed by: David Nett, Kyle Dischinson
cinematography by: Andrew R. Deutsch, Nolan Wang
edited by: Chad Schnaible
featuring: Ed Robinson, Alan Loayza, Shannon Nelson, Jeremy Guskin, Nathan Mobley, David Nett, Angie Schnaible, Frederick Snyder, James Paul Xavier, Rick Robinson, Jessica Pennington
production staff & crew: Sasha Harris, Frederick Snyder, Patty Ramsey, James Paul Xavier, Justin Waggle, Chad Schnaible, Shannon Nelson, Alexis Byrum, Joel Goldes, Jacob Carver, The Mute Eunuchs

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